The GAMECHANGER Recognition Program is our way of setting the bar. 


What do we mean by that?

At Bazooka Farmstar we understand the importance of employee engagement, the sustainable results it cultivates, and the ability each employee has, to affect the engagement in one another. We emphasize our core values and use those values to drive our decisions that ultimately reflect who we are and how we work. Recognizing the individuals who do this exceptionally well, gives the team a level of greatness to strive towards. The program also allows us to celebrate a job well done and uncovers stories of impact happening as a result of aligned action with our mission, values, strategies, and goals.


How does one become a GAMECHANGER?

Fellow Bazooka employees can nominate anyone for a specific core value GAMECHANGER award at any point throughout the year. At the end of each quarter, nominations are read, reviewed and final selection is made from a panel of judges representing the entire organization. Those selected as winners earn bragging rights on the GAMECHANGER wall for one year, their story shared via social media, a $100 donation to the not-for-profit of their choice, and the choice of $100, 8 hours of vacation, or $100 gift card to a local store of their choice. 

Who are these GAMECHANGERS we speak of? We'll show you. 


John Green, Engineering Service Lead - Read his story here.

Uriah Rugg, Service Tech - Read his story here.

Linsey Turner, Accounting Clerk - here.

Kyle Pitlick, Plasma Table Operator - Read his story here.







Brian Fox, CIP Tech- Read his story here

Linda Quigley, Administrative Assistant - Read her story here.

Chip Kindred, Weld Lead - Read his story here.

Sydney Greiner, Product Marketing Specialist - Read her story here.

Marcus Davis, National Sales Manager - Read his story here.




Josh Bishop, Final Assembly Team Lead- Read his story here

Andy Pence, Warehouse Coordinator - Read his story here.

Brian Nielsen, Purchasing Manager - Read his story here.

Eric Harvey, Capital Project Manager - His story coming soon.

Jeff Huber, Design Engineer - Read his story here.





BF Values Be SafeBE SAFE

Chris Ousey, Quality Technician - Read his story here.

Dirk Alspach, HR Assistant - Read his story here.

Uriah Rugg, Head Service Technician - Read his story here.

Ron Wright, Weld Lead - Read his story here.







This once a year award goes to the employee that stood out all year long. Living and breathing every Bazooka Farmstar Core Value and performing above and beyond the expectations of their role. The selection committee will narrow down all of the applications for the entire organization to vote on one winner. They will receive bragging rights on the GAMECHANGER wall for one year, their story shared via social media, $1000 bonus, and their choice of an exclusive BF sweatshirt or jacket.

Stay tuned for this year's GAMECHANGER OF THE YEAR...


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