Toolbars that Work as Hard as You do

Cover some ground with one of our game changing toolbars.

Bazooka Farmstar has a reputable line of toolbar offerings that meet the needs of applicators of all kinds. What do we mean when we say that? We have toolbars that range from 15' - 60' in width, injection or responsible top spread units options to equip those toolbar widths, a wide variety of unit spacing options, and much more. 

Check out this short video of the industry leading, Titan Series Toolbar in action. Warning, you may want a demo after watching.

Choose from one of our toolbar product lines or build it yourself to customize for your manure injection operation. If you're ready to discover how Bazooka Farmstar can maximize your ROI, request a free demo or talk to an equipment specialist by filling out the form on this page.

Want to see a brief comparison on how we stack up against the competition? Keep. Scrolling. Down.

How We Stack Up...

BF Titan Series Toolbar vs. Puck - Bauer Built Toolbar 

Toolbar Feature Options  Us Them
Unit Spacings  16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" 24" or 30"
Toolbar Widths  36' to 60' [Model dependent] 45'
Swing Arm Plumbing  6" or 8" Plumbing  8" Plumbing 
Swing Arm Bends [Flow] 4 - 90° Elbows  6+ - 90° Elbows
Clog Reduction Manifold Yes | Flux Manifold  No