Talk shop with other applicators and industry experts.
Walk the line and talk to people that build the equipment you use.
Kick the tires and take a test drive with the equipment you invest your future in.
Work hard, play hard right? What's a night off without food, booze and entertainment.

What’s This FREE Event You Mentioned?

The first annual LETS TALK SHIT is one of a kind.

We’re bringing applicators from all over and industry subject matter experts that can help you better your business in more ways than one.

What else? We are also providing an opportunity to walk the manufacturing line and talk with people that build the equipment you use.

What's walking, when you can drive? Of course you'll get to drive it. Those big rigs wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't drive them.
So come on over to Riverside Casino & Bazooka Farmstar.
We’ve got your event pass AND hotel stay covered.

All you need to do is register for the event and reserve your hotel room. When you check in, you will receive a swag bag with a voucher for your hotel stay.

This offer doesn’t last forever, seats are limited!

“I often joke about manure management plans and my company name – if we have to talk about manure all day, let’s have some fun with it!  What a great idea from Bazooka! Let’s collaborate on topics surrounding a valuable resource for American farmers.  I look forward to learning and laughter as part of the manure applicator panel discussion.”

— Rachel Rinner, Owner Knee Deep Solutions



Tuesday, July 16th

Don't forget your drink tickets and koozie! These will be located in your Swag Bag you received at check-in.
  • 6PM - 7PM  |  All American Cook Out
    Grab some dinner, a beverage and get to know the other people attending the event.
  • 7PM - 9PM  |  The Boys - Country Band
    Be entertained and quench your thirst while talking shop with the other attendees. 

Wednesday, July 17th

Bring your itinerary located in your Swag Bag with anything else you want for today's discussions. 
  • 7:30AM - 8:30AM  |  Midwestern Breakfast
    Grab some breakfast before heading to your first session discussion. 
  • 8:45AM - 9:45AM  |  Session Discussion 1
  • 10AM - 11AM  |  Session Discussion 2
  • 11:15AM - 12:15PM  |  Session Discussion 3
    Each group will rotate through the sessions, giving everyone the opportunity to hit all topics. Your group will be provided to you at your check-in. 
  • 12:15PM - 1:15PM  |  Lunch & Head to Bazooka Farmstar
    We will have lunch boxes ready to get you on the road to Bazooka Farmstar's Manufacturing Facility for the afternoon.
  • 1:30PM - 4:00PM  |  American Made Manufacturing Tours
    1:30PM - 4:00PM  |  Display Booths
    1:30PM - 4:00PM  |  Test Drive Demo Show

    Rotate through each area at your own pace. Bazooka will be leading tours through the line so you get an inside scoop on what is coming up. We will have our partners there to answer any of your product questions and test drive the equipment in our back field.
  • 4:00PM  |  Closure

“Let’s Talk Shit is geared toward both custom applicators and farmers handling their own manure application. We created an event around topics that will help our customers grow their businesses, while providing a fun atmosphere with a hands-on experience. I am very confident this event will be the first of many years to come.” 

— Eric Hahn, Managing Partner Bazooka Farmstar


Information on the experts we're bringing in to answer your questions and discuss hot topics of today

Aaron Ross, Lagoon Pumping and Dredging, Inc.

Aaron Ross started in the pivot irrigation business 43 years ago.  Some of these customers were pumping their lagoon water through their pivots.  The solids in their water started plugging the nozzles.  Aaron recognized the opportunity of pumping these solids out of their lagoons.  He started the drag line business using irrigation pipe, 4 ½ inch fire hose and Bauer pumps.  Since then, the industry has advance to floating agitation boats, 10” main line hose, 6” drag line and large 6” and 8” pumps.  Aaron has been in the lagoon pumping business for 30 years and currently has 4 crews that pumps several hundred million gallons per year.  Aaron’s philosophy is, “if it first does not work, you find another way.”  There is no job too big or too complicated for Lagoon Pumping & Dredging to tackle.

Marcus Davis, Owner Magnum Custom Enterprises

Marcus Davis has been pumping manure for 16 years after starting with his friends. He pumps roughly 40 million gallons annually and runs 7 ¼” hose with 5 ½” drags. Marcus pumps low rate finishing manure on majority of his sites and travels all throughout Southeast Iowa. He runs a 4 man crew and is local to the Washington, Iowa area where he resides with his wife and 3 kids. 

Rachel Rinner, Owner Knee Deep Solutions

Ms. Rinner knows her stuff.  She grew up on a hog operation that also raised cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and row crops.  To this day, she is active in her family’s farming operation.  The Iowa State Grad built her business after she wrote a manure management plan for her own farm.  As a self-proclaimed math nerd, manure management plans combined her love of farming and numbers perfectly.  Word grew of Rachel’s expertise and business has been booming ever since.

Knee Deep Solutions provides solutions related to DNR compliance and Manure Management Planning for farmers and their swine operations.  Their services include preparation of construction permits and master matrix scores, as well as manure management plans.  Rachel’s main business goal is to assist farmers as their livestock operations grow and continue to provide relevant nutrient information.

Glen Arnold, Assoc. Professor, Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management

Glen conducts field research on using liquid livestock manure to replace commercially purchased fertilizer on wheat and corn. Applying manure to growing crops creates an “in-season” window for manure application and results in less manure being applied in the fall months. As livestock producers strive to make better use of the nutrients in manure, they are hauling manure greater distances. Capturing the value of the nutrients in the manure can help pay for the additional manure hauling expense.

Glen was raised on a small crop and livestock farm in southeast Ohio. He taught Vocational Agriculture at Randolph Southern High School in Lynn, Indiana for five years and was a county extension educator in Putnam County, Ohio for 22 years. He holds a MS in Education and a BS in Agricultural Mechanization & Systems/Agricultural Education.

Heidi Vittetoe, Owner JWV Pork

Farming has been the primary occupation and lifestyle of the Vittetoe family for many generations. As an Iowa State graduate, Heidi focused her time obtaining a BS in Animal Science. For the past 38 years, the Vittetoes have been expanding their herd and growing the company from one to more than 80 employees today.

JWV Pork strives to educate and inform the general public about the pork industry and what we do, along with providing training, stability, and support to our employees and partners. In order to accomplish this, JWV has been built on ethical business principles and is focused on a team-driven environment to help ensure our employees and partners are given the support they need to succeed. 

Dr. Dan Andersen, Assoc. Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Dr. Andersen's research interests are in the areas of manure treatment and utilization, nutrient management planning, field and farm scale soil and water quality monitoring and modeling, and economic evaluations of agricultural practice alternatives.

Much of his current work focuses on anaerobic digestion of manures and agricultural residues, nutrient management and conservation, and the control of feedlot runoff, and improved use of manure. He leads the Iowa Manure Applicator Certification program which annual certifies around 5,000 individuals applying manure in Iowa.

Melissa Wilson, Ph.D., Manure Management & Water Quality - Assts. Professor, Ext. Specialist

Dr. Wilson has spent a significant portion of her career researching contaminant hydrology and water quality as well as nutrient management. Her true interest is within manure management and water quality programs. 

Her research program focuses on two aspects: 1) evaluating manure handling techniques that reduce impacts on water quality and 2) filling knowledge gaps about manure nutrient cycling as farming practices and technologies change.

The ultimate objectives of her Extension program are to build awareness and increase adoption of manure handling best management practices, increase connections and dialogue with stakeholders, improve the economic activity and sustainability of farms, and progress towards cleaner water.

Eric Svenby, Engineering Project Lead - New Products & Hose Reels

Eric has worked for Bazooka Farmstar for over 5 years having focused on various areas of our product lines. His focus is now mainly in New Products and Hose Reels. Be sure to ask him about the new Crossfire Series that is launching at this event or discuss feedback you'd like to give for the future of these products. Our Engineers take your direct feedback into account when designing the next product for your business. 

Chad Harl, Engineering Project Lead - Toolbars, Phantom units

Chad has worked for Bazooka Farmstar for almost 5 years now on various areas of our product lines. Now his main focus is on Toolbars and Phantom units. Be sure to ask him any questions or discuss feedback you'd like to give for the future of these products. Our Engineers take your direct feedback into account when designing the next product for your business. 

Jason Albright, Design Engineer - Engines, Pumps, Booms, Trailers

Jason has worked for Bazooka Farmstar for over 2 years now and has a number of product lines he oversees. If you have a question, comment or concern about engines, pumps, booms or trailers in general bring them his way. Our Engineers take your direct feedback into account when designing the next product for your business. 

James Bodels, Hose Specialist & BDM

James Bodels, has been in the hose manufacturing industry for over 22yrs, and was the General Manager of a hose manufacturing facility in Ireland for 9yrs prior to joining Gollmer& Hummel.

James has been with G&H since 2013 and assists them in their business development worldwide and also supports the continuous improvement of their products. He has a special focus on the Agricultural market, having worked with both G&H and his prior company on the Drag hose for the slurry spreading sector.

“When the Bazooka marketing gals began planning this event, they took the opinions of people that actually live this life. They really don't want this to be about selling products. They asked if I would talk shop and answer questions other pumpers need to know during one of the sessions... I'm definitely not a public speaker but I am all in for this.” 

— Marcus Davis, Owner Magnum Custom Enterprises

“This should be a great opportunity to learn about some of the latest equipment and research in manure management! I look forward to it!”

— Dr. Melissa Wilson, Asst. Professor & Extension Specialist
Still not convinced you need to register? Watch our bad ass preview video for the first annual LETS TALK SHIT Ag Forum.

“Right now, African Swine Fever is creating huge volatility in the hog markets. But the bad fortune of many other pork producing areas could easily become our loss as well if we do not take bio-security seriously. I appreciate the opportunity to share this message and get to talk with producers about how critical bio-security is to the well-being of all of us in the swine industry, as well as those in related industries.”

— Heidi Vittetoe, Owner JWV Pork