Kendra Fish
Marketing Manager


LET’S TALK SHIT is the Next Big Event for the Manure Industry

Looking to provide more than equipment, Bazooka Farmstar with G&H plans new event to better the manure application industry.


[WASHINGTON, IA, JUNE 2019] Bazooka Farmstar, a manufacturer in the manure and ag industry for 44 years, has officially announced the first LET’S TALK SHIT event. The event caters to the manure applicator as well as farmers participating in manure application. After a unique year of weather challenges, this industry leader looks to provide an event full of entertainment, education and equipment.


The 1.5 day event kicks off with a welcome evening where participants can relax, listen to The Boys (a country-based band that includes one of Bazooka’s own), enjoy food and beverages, and connect with others facing similar questions and concerns in the industry. Day 2 is packed with information to help attendees improve their businesses, from morning discussions with applicators, industry experts and engineers, to an afternoon spent going through the manufacturing process and test-driving equipment.


To top it off, Bazooka Farmstar is providing this first event free to 100 attendees that qualify. Their aim is to keep it fun and light-hearted, yet intimate and impactful.


“Let’s Talk Shit is geared toward both custom applicators and farmers handling their own manure application. We created an event around topics that will help our customers grow their businesses, while providing a fun atmosphere with a hands-on experience. I am very confident this event will be the first of many years to come.”
                                - Eric Hahn, Bazooka Farmstar Managing Partner


A manufacturer of manure handling equipment for over 40 years, Bazooka Farmstar is dedicated to providing high-quality, long-lasting and innovative products to the agricultural market. Located in Washington, Iowa, the 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with the advanced technology needed to innovate new products. All of the departments at Bazooka Farmstar include skilled and educated members, who consider quality, innovation, and service as their foundation.


Kendra Fish

Marketing Manager

We created this event for our applicators and farmers. We genuinely want to help them grow and better their business, we couldn't think of a better way to do it! We will continue to evolve this event after this year to make sure it is hitting my "3Es."

Entertainment - Education - Equipment

See you there! For more information, contact me or look at the event page here